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ArcGIS Launch Packages

Implementing a great Web GIS requires more than technology alone - we understanding this and this what we are focused onhelping our clients with.

At GeoEnable we offer 'Launch Packages' for ArcGIS to help you kick-start your Web GIS implementation and 'Geo-Enable' your organisation. We work with our clients to ensure a full understanding of their organisational / business needs and work a phased plan how to meet them without overwhelming users and changes processes overnight. This is never a good idea.

I summary, we bring a true understand of business change (including data workflow mapping), systems integration, digital transformation, information governance (including GIS / Geospatial / Geomatics data standards) and Business Process Management and combine them.

If you work with us, you get A LOT more than the technology in isolation - we get to the PURPOSE of the technology and data. 

You’re in safe hands with us - read some testimonials here​.

What are the steps?

Get 'Geo-Enabled' in Days

Sign-up for one of our 'Launch Packages' and be using Web GIS in just 5 working days*.
Easy steps that we guide you through wherever you are in the World:

DAY 0 - LAUNCH - Securely purchase one of our Launch Packages, with or without an ArcGIS Online subscription, as you may already have one.


DAY 1 - START & SCOPE - We will contact you and discuss - your business & user needs, current levels of GIS skills, datasets and branding. 


We will request your account activation / update where appropriate*.

DAY 2 - DEFINE - You share your account details (if you already have ArcGIS Online), datasets to add/update, other content, user groups details, examples of current plans/maps used, images to brand the ArcGIS Online site and relevant reference docs

DAY 3 - CREATE - We will do our magic to prepare datasets, configure, set-up users, brand and configure your ArcGIS Online and essential Apps.

DAY 4 - REVIEW and IMPROVE - Your initial ArcGIS Online 'proof site' (we call this version 0.5) is completed for your review. We will make changes based on your feedback. We 'stop the clock' while you review.


DAY 5 - COMPLETE - We re-work and improve the site based on your feedback and provide an final version (we call this version 1.0). We can still make changes for you.Once we agree and hand-over to you, as an Admin you can fully customise ArcGIS Online as your business needs develop with or without our input. (depending what Launch Package you have)


ONGOING - IMPROVE - You may receive ongoing startegy, training and support from us, as detailed your Launch Package

* If you require a Level 1 or Level 2 account, we request Esri to upgrade your account. In some cases this may take a day or two longer than our targets above. We will keep you fully informed of progress.


At GeoEnable cyber security is key to us. 

​ArcGIS — The secure and trustworthy location platform. 

Trust.ArcGIS.com is your go to resource for security, privacy, and compliance information. Find:

  • ArcGIS Online service availability, system performance information, and status history

  • Security updates and current alerts

  • Product security information for the ArcGIS platform

  • Best security practices for your organization

  • Privacy and compliance information


Trust.ArcGIS.com is inspired by conversations with Esri's ArcGIS Online customers. Read the ArcGIS Online security factsheet.

Secure payments to GeoEnable

We take payment for our services securely via PayPal. You are able to pay with any major credit or debit card.