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Digital Transformation for the Built and Natural Environment

At GeoEnable, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions and expertise in GIS, property asset registers, geospatial solutions, digital twins, BIM-GIS integration, and excellence in information management. Here's a closer look at our core areas of focus:

  • Digital Change: We deliver comprehensive a strategic advisory service, expert consulting services, highly effective training programmes, all while facilitating change management and driving digital transformation.
  • Geospatial: to boost project efficiency.Specialising in Esri's ArcGIS Platform, we offer geospatial solutions for business insights and excel in integrating BIM and CAD with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Information Management Excellence: GeoEnable is committed to optimizing project and whole life asset information management practices, ensuring data is leveraged effectively to drive business success.
  • Digital Twins: Our expertise in digital twins allows us to create virtual replicas of physical environments, facilitating improved planning, analysis, and decision-making. We also develop National Property Registers.
  • Training Services: We offer focused training in GIS, Information Management/BIM (ISO 19650 series + UK BIM Framework), asset management (ISO 55000 series), and custom courses to empower individuals and organisations.

Geospatial and Digital Engineering Solution Experts

Web GIS Implementation, Training and Coaching

Geospatial Solutions

Our Origins Are in Geospatial Solutions

Digital Engineering

ISO 19650 Series Training

A variety of our clients for advisory and training services:

Experts in International Standards

We are proudly part of the BSI's Associate Consultant Programme (ACP).  We are certified to provide consultancy and advice to new and existing clients on the ISO 19650 series and ISO 55001.

Our work

Showcasing Impactful Projects


We assist individuals across all industries with systems integrations​

Are you ready to transform your business by putting data at the centre of every decision?

​We can assist you in creating, classifying, organising, retrieving, visualising, and maintaining integrated data asset registers and various systems, including:

Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAMS)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Building Control Systems (BCS)

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS)

Supply Chain Management Systems (SCMS)

Place data at the core of all your decisions. Revolutionise your business by cultivating a robust data-driven culture. Enhance data literacy and seamlessly integrate data into everyday workflows. Discover how to make more informed decisions swiftly by:

  • Establishing essential data metrics throughout your organisation.
  • Facilitating real-time decision-making with a unified source of truth.
  • Building confidence through robust governance.
  • Supplying data to every team member within their workflow.

We know that information and digital data governance is as important as the systems.
Unlock the power of integrated data systems to transform your business today.

Glowing Feedback from Our Esteemed Clients

Consultancy Services - GIS & IM Coaching & Mentorship 

Lily​​​​ Wydra - GIS, Land and Property Manager - Argent (Property Development) Services LLP

Lily​​​​ Wydra - GIS, Land and Property Manager - Argent (Property Development) Services LLP

"GeoEnable was crucial in aligning our information systems with efficient business practices and offering key coaching and mentorship in GIS strategy and geospatial information management (IM). Their expertise transformed our information governance, significantly boosting access to vital project and asset information resources, like survey, CAD, GIS, BIM and FM data."

Consultancy, implementation of ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online and ongoing mentorship provided in-person at client's offices in London, UK

Training Services - BIM (ISO 19650 series)

Craig Evenden - Head of Architecture, Engineering & Construction - Esri UK

Craig Evenden - Head of Architecture, Engineering & Construction - Esri UK

"I recently attended GeoEnable's BIM training with other Esri UK employees. The Tutor's knowledge is second to none. The course outlined key principles before diving into the standards. This has helped Esri UK increase its BIM knowledge, enabling detailed conversations about the importance of BIM & GIS."

Training delivered in-person at Esri UK HQ, in Aylesbury, UK

Consultancy Services - GIS Set-up

Jeremy Murfitt - Director - Everything is Somewhere Ltd

Jeremy Murfitt - Director - Everything is Somewhere Ltd

"As a chartered surveyor using Esri products, I encountered challenges in setting up ArcGIS Online. GeoEnable provided crucial advice and continuous assistance, allowing me to competently establish map services and introduce clients to the platform's advanced capabilities."

onsultancy services and ArcGIS Online implementation (set-up of ArcGIS Online) provided remotely

Training Services - BIM (BS/PAS 1192 series)

Carol Lewis-Han - Technical Director - DDC Engineering Solutions Ltd

Carol Lewis-Han - Technical Director - DDC Engineering Solutions Ltd

"GeoEnable provide very impressive BIM training. The Tutor is extremely knowledgeable and shows real expertise and experience in the BIM standards and Information Management (IM) fields. He is willing to help at all times, even after the course. Very pleased with the service and will fully recommend."

'BIM Level 2' Training delivered before the release of the ISO 19650 series, in-person at client's offices in Wolverhampton, UK.

Get Your Copy of "BIM Secrets - 21 Strategies to Drive BIM Adoption and Digital Transformation".

The book also gives you practical advice on how to capture, communicate and measure the value and benefits of BIM and better information management. You'll find practical examples of what you can do and simple tips to make your work better. Whether you're new or have some experience, 'BIM Secrets' makes it easy to learn important skills.

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Example Project - King's Cross GIS, Argent

GeoEnable's GIS solutions provide real-time asset information, streamline decision-making, and enhance collaboration for the King's Cross development project in London.

The Challenge:
Spanning 67 acres near King’s Cross and St. Pancras rail station, the development aimed to accommodate 50 new and reused buildings, 2,000 homes, 20 streets, and 10 public squares by 2020. Managing extensive asset information and communication among stakeholders, including Argent, KCCLP, external partners, contractors, and consultants, presented a significant challenge.

Client Overview: Argent, a prominent property development company, partnered with London & Continental Railways Limited and DHL Supply Chain in 2008 to establish the King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership (KCCLP). Together, they embarked on a substantial mixed-use development project in central London.

GeoEnable's GIS solutions provide real-time asset information, streamline decision-making, and enhance collaboration for the King's Cross development project in London.

The Challenge:
Spanning 67 acres near King’s Cross and St. Pancras rail station, the development aimed to accommodate 50 new and reused buildings, 2,000 homes, 20 streets, and 10 public squares by 2020. Managing extensive asset information and communication among stakeholders, including Argent, KCCLP, external partners, contractors, and consultants, presented a significant challenge.

Client Overview: Argent, a prominent property development company, partnered with London & Continental Railways Limited and DHL Supply Chain in 2008 to establish the King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership (KCCLP). Together, they embarked on a substantial mixed-use development project in central London.

The Solution: To address these challenges, Argent enlisted GeoEnable's consulting expertise. GeoEnable recognized the potential of geographic information system (GIS) technology and deployed Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Online for Organisations. These GIS solutions enabled Argent to create dynamic asset maps, share them via the intranet, and access them through web browsers and custom apps on various devices.

Benefits: ArcGIS Online provides a comprehensive and regularly updated record of assets involved in the King’s Cross development. It enhances collaboration among stakeholders, influences decision-making, improves record keeping, and enhances phasing and planning. It enables Argent to make informed business, financial, and project-level decisions while promoting collaboration and informed decision-making among all parties involved in the development.

Need Help with ArcGIS Online?

We offer a service to assist you in setting up ArcGIS Online, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Elevate your GIS expertise with "Maps in The Cloud"!

Immerse yourself in the modern, Cloud-enabled realm of WebGIS, where traditional mapping meets dynamic online capabilities. 🌐

Revolutionize your GIS approach, collaborate effortlessly, and access real-time insights like never before. Join us to unlock the full potential of GIS in the digital age.

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We help people in all industries


Our Diverse Clientele: Our consultancy clientele comprises Central and Local Governments, NGOs, companies, contractors, SMEs, project managers, asset owners, and operators. Below is a small selection of our clients:

Transport Infrastructure

Senior Project Management and Enterprise Architecture 
Common Data Environment (CDE) for BIM (ISO 19650 series) 

Rail Infrastructure

Strategic Leadership and Change Roadmap
Asset Information Improvement

Road Infrastructure

Technical Consulting Services
GIS and field survey process improvement

UK Central Government

Asset Management & Strategic Leadership
Asset Management & National Property Register

Non-Governmental Orgs
​(Non-UK Governments)

Asset Management & Digital Consulting
National Property Register & Asset Management

Conservation of Natural Assets

Strategic Leadership & Project Management
GIS & mapping strategy and remote sensing 

UK Central Government

Managing Land and Natural Assets Management
​Agri-Environmental and Conservation Activities

Rail Infrastructure
​(London Underground)

Infrastructure and operations; Insights and decision-making support.

UK Central Government

Assessing Project and Asset Information Maturity

Infrastructure Construction

Strategic Consulting Services
Geospatial Information Change Roadmap

Water Infrastructure

ISO 19650 ('BIM') alignment
Training, strategic coaching and mentorship for information management


ISO 19650 Training
Training in the ISO 19650 series and UK BIM Framework

Survey Companies

BIM Level 2 Training
Training in the BS/PAS 1192 series (prior to ISO 19650 series)

Large Construction

Enterprise GIS Solutions
Roadmap, ArcGIS Implementation, training & strategic coaching and mentorship for GIS

Local Governments

ISO 19650 Training
Training in the ISO 19650 series and UK BIM Framework

Systems Integration

Project Management
Asset Information Improvement

Asset Inspection

Specialist Rail Expertise
Asset Data Capature

Defence and Space

Classroom ISO 19650 Training
Training in the ISO 19650 series and UK BIM Framework

ISO 19650 Training

Classroom ISO 19650 Training
Training in the ISO 19650 series and UK BIM Framework

ISO 19650 Training

Classroom ISO 19650 Training
Training in the ISO 19650 series and UK BIM Framework

Systems Integration

Consultancy Services
Asset Information Improvement

Training & Coaching

Enhance Your Skills in BIM, GIS, and Asset Management

 Training Courses

BIM 101: ISO 19650 Demystified

Course Overview:

Course Name: 'BIM 101: ISO 19650 Demystified'
Course code: T-077
Duration: 3.5 hours
Format: Video tutorial + multi-choice assessment 
Style: Semi-formal tone
Delivery: Self-paced, online
Focus: ISO 19650 and BIM fundamentals

​Course code: T-077

What you get: 
3.5+ hours video for an overview to the ISO 19650 series.

+ Curated bonus content (videos)
+ Free e-book
+ 1 hour coaching session (optional)
​+ Digital badge (following assessment)
​+ Professional certificate of attendance (following assessment)

​This is self-paced, based on recorded seminar sessions.

Other Courses

BIM for Geospatial Professionals

Course Title: Comprehensive BIM for Geospatial Professionals: ISO 19650 Standards and BIM-GIS Conversion

​Course code: T-073

As one of our first training courses, we have been teaching this course in-person and online for a decade. But, of course we have updated the content along the way - at least once event 6 months!

Course Overview:
This one-day virtual course is meticulously structured to equip geospatial professionals with an in-depth understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM) from the perspective of information management. It is tailored for individuals accustomed to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Surveying, and Geomatics, aiming to enhance their proficiency in integrating BIM with geospatial technologies. Through exploring the implementation of the ISO 19650 series standards and the complexities of BIM-GIS conversion, participants will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to apply in their respective fields.

Course Objectives:
• To explore the technical aspects and methodologies of BIM-GIS conversion, facilitating efficient data integration and management.
• To enhance participants' skills in managing geospatial information within the context of the built environment.

Course Schedule:
(UK times, we can also offer this course at local times)

Session 1: Introduction to BIM for Geospatial Professionals (09:00 - 10:30)
• Overview of BIM and its relevance to the geospatial field.
• Understanding BIM maturity levels and dimensions.
• The role of geospatial professionals in BIM projects.

Session 2: Exploring ISO 19650 Series Standards (11:00 - 12:30)
• Detailed walkthrough of ISO 19650 parts 1 and 2: Concepts, terminologies, and framework.
• Case studies: Implementing ISO 19650 standards in real-world projects.
• Group discussion: Challenges and strategies in adopting ISO 19650 within organisations.

Break (12:30 - 13:30)

Session 3: BIM-GIS Integration Techniques (13:30 - 15:00)
• Fundamentals of BIM-GIS conversion: Approaches and tools.
• Practical exercise: Converting BIM data to GIS-compatible formats.
• Collaborative workflows between BIM and GIS for project management.

Session 4: Advanced Information Management Practices (15:30 - 17:00)
• Leveraging geospatial data for enhanced BIM applications.
• Innovations in BIM-GIS interoperability.
• Future trends in BIM and geospatial integration.

Who Should Attend:
This course is ideal for geospatial professionals, including those specialising in GIS, Remote Sensing, Surveying, and Geomatics, who are looking to deepen their understanding and expertise in BIM, particularly in the areas of ISO 19650 standards implementation and BIM-GIS conversion.

Additional Information:
• Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.
• To register or for more details about the course content, fees, and technical requirements, please contact us.

Pricing: Contact us for more details.

Note: The schedule includes breaks and interactive sessions to ensure an engaging and comprehensive learning experience.​

BIM Mastery

Course Title: BIM Mastery: Unlocking Advanced Insights in ISO 19650 Series

​Course code: T-074

Course Overview:
This comprehensive 2-day virtual course delves into the advanced aspects of Building Information Modelling (BIM), focusing on the ISO 19650 series. Developed and delivered by our esteemed British Tutor with over 10 years of teaching experience in BIM, this programme is designed for professionals who possess an basic to intermediate level of knowledge in BIM and ISO 19650 series. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, participants will gain profound insights into strategic information management within the BIM framework.

Day 1:
• Overview of ISO 19650 Series: Understanding the Structure and Components
• Advanced BIM Principles: Exploring Collaborative Working and Information Management
• Implementing ISO 19650: Practical Strategies and Best Practices
• Interactive Workshops: Applying ISO 19650 Principles to Real-world Scenarios

Day 2:
• BIM Data Exchange and Integration: Optimising Workflows and Interoperability
• Advanced Information Management: Leveraging BIM for Decision-making and Risk Mitigation
• BIM Compliance and Standards: Ensuring Adherence to ISO 19650 Requirements
• Case Studies and Group Discussions: Analyzing Successful BIM Implementations and Lessons Learned

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, participants will:

• Gain an in-depth understanding of the ISO 19650 series and its significance in BIM implementation.
• Acquire advanced skills in collaborative working and information management within the BIM framework.
• Develop actionable strategies for implementing ISO 19650 standards effectively in their projects.
• Enhance their proficiency in BIM data exchange, integration, and interoperability.
• Learn to leverage BIM for informed decision-making and risk mitigation in construction projects.
• Ensure compliance with ISO 19650 requirements and industry standards.
• Analyze real-world case studies to identify best practices and challenges in BIM implementation.
• Collaborate with peers to discuss and address complex issues related to BIM mastery and ISO 19650 series.

Target Audience:
• Individuals with an intermediate level of knowledge in BIM and ISO 19650 series.
• Architects, engineers, project managers, BIM coordinators, and other industry professionals seeking to advance their skills in BIM implementation and strategic information management.

Pricing: Contact us for more details.

​Note: Some experience or familiarity with BIM concepts and ISO 19650 series is beneficial, but is not needed.


BIM 101: ISO 19650 Demystified

ISO 19650 Practitioner

Not sure about this course yet?

Get FREE Access to an Awareness Session

This is an informal session giving your the basics of 'BIM' and the ISO 19650 Series

Note - This session is a relaxed, video-based training where participants learn from the tutor's experiences in a flexible and informal manner. Our paid-for, structured training, such as 'BIM 101', are more formal in tone.

Coaching for Web GIS

Ths coaching is designed for you to jump-start your 'ArcGIS Online' or 'Portal for ArcGIS' implementation.​

What you get with "Maps in The Cloud"


Course Title: "Maps in The Cloud"

Objective: Designed to ignite or advance YOUR capabilities in ArcGIS Online, this programme uniquely combines virtual workshops, self-guided online training, and weekly personal coaching. It aims to immerse participants in web GIS technologies for enhanced spatial analysis, mapping, and information sharing.

Duration: 12 weeks

Two half-day virtual workshops to introduce essential GIS concepts and the tools available in ArcGIS Online.
● Ongoing self-paced online training across the programme's duration.
● Weekly one-hour confidential coaching sessions for bespoke, one-on-one guidance.

Target Audience: This programme is tailored for urban planners, GIS professionals, environmental scientists, educators, and anyone keen to embark on or elevate their web GIS journey using ArcGIS Online.

Programme Details

Introduction and Foundation Building

Kick-off Workshop: Starts with a workshop on GIS basics, ArcGIS Online setup and navigation, and introductory map creation, ensuring a strong foundation for all participants.
Data Review: As part of this service we will review and help you prepare your data to use on ArcGIS Online.

Self-Directed Online Learning
● Duration: Runs alongside the 12-week programme.
Content: Covers a broad spectrum of topics from basic map creation and data management to advanced spatial analysis, web app development, and secure data sharing practices.
Resources: Includes access to extensive tutorials, documentation, and forums to support the online training component.

Personalised Weekly Coaching
Format: Personal, one-hour virtual meetings with a GIS expert.
Focus: Provides tailored advice and feedback, focusing on the participant's progress, with opportunities to explore specific areas of interest or difficulty.

Advanced Skills Development Workshop
Mid-Programme Workshop: Focuses on advanced techniques in data visualization, spatial analysis, and the creation of web applications and dashboards using ArcGIS Online, building upon the initial workshops.

Capstone Project
Overview: Participants undertake a project that applies the skills learned to solve a real-world issue, with guidance from the weekly coaching sessions, culminating in a final presentation.

Support Materials and Resources
● Full access to ArcGIS Online and all necessary resources for the programme's duration.
● A dedicated online platform for communications and additional support.

Evaluation and Certification
● Assessment through assignments, project engagement, and active participation in workshops and coaching sessions.
● Issuance of a digital certificate of completion, validating the participant's acquired web GIS skills and proficiency in ArcGIS Online.

Post-Programme Support
● Inclusion in an alumni network for ongoing support and networking opportunities.
● Access to additional learning resources, including webinars and workshops.

​​"Launchpad for ArcGIS Online: Elevating Web GIS Skills" is thoughtfully structured to offer both beginners and advanced learners an in-depth introduction or enhancement of web GIS skills through ArcGIS Online, promoting the application of these technologies in various professional and academic settings.

Course in Partnership With Esri UK

If you do need a combination of an overview to ISO 19650 series (for information management) and some hands-on GIS / BIM training, Esri UK and GeoEnable in partnership run an excellent 2 day course called:

'BIM-GIS Integration for Architecture, Engineering & Construction'

>learn more (Esri UK website) 

>course overview (pdf)

Overview to the course


‘A very useful course which covers the history, theory and development of BIM, whilst putting it into practice using innovative GIS techniques. It improved my knowledge of BIM significantly, highlighting the ways in which it could be used within my current role’

​Kirstin, Arcadis

About Us

Our Digital and Environmental Commitment


Sustainable Collaboration and Innovation

At GeoEnable, we're dedicated to making our planet a better place for all, focusing on delivering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). We achieve this through:

  • Engaging: Collaborating Globally with esteemed clients and partners like Esri and BSI to leverage cutting-edge best practices for whole life asset management and information management. Underpinned with geospatial solutions and people-centric digital transformation.
  • Shaping: Tailoring solutions that harness location-based data for informed decision-making, environmental stewardship, and sustainable development.
  • Inspiring: Working closely with our clients to drive positive change, fostering harmony between humanity, nature, and the environment. Together, we're shaping a more inclusive and sustainable future.

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Headquartered in the UK, with a GLOBAL perspective

  • GLOBAL SERVICES  - Situated in the United Kingdom, our central office delivers global strategic advisory services, expert consultancy, impactful training, and cutting-edge technology solutions.
  • GLOBALLY TRUSTED - While we collaborate with trusted partners and associates, we are owned and operate independently to focus solely on our clients' strategic best interests from a long-term perspective.
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The GeoEnable Group provide expertise in digital transformation and asset management, leveraging geospatial solutions, connected digital twins and innovative technology for sustainable efficiency.

Our approach combines change management, industry and data expertise to achieve impactful, sustainable results across asset life cycles.

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